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Load image into Gallery viewer, MSD LS IGNITION CONTROL
Load image into Gallery viewer, MSD LS IGNITION CONTROL

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The MSD 6014 LS Ignition controller works with 24x/1x and 58x/4x crank/cam configurations. It auto-detects the correct configuration based on the reluctor wheel pattern, so there is no need to select one. It provides six pre-programmed (non-editable) timing tables for stock engines, three customizable 3-D tables, and one customizable timing plot. The desired table/plot is selected on the fly using the rotary dial. The customizable tables and plots can be programmed via MSDView. The LS Ignition controller includes a built-in 2.5 Bar MAP sensor that can be used with Naturally Aspirated or boosted applications. This allows for timing advance or retard based on the intake manifold pressure. 8MB of internal data logging is also included so you can set up, record, and review passes at the track. As the popularity of GM LS engines continues to grow, so does the demand for a powerful, reliable, and easily adaptable ignition system. MSD has answered this demand with an updated and improved version of the popular 6LS box. Whether using a stock crate engine or building a custom powerhouse, the MSD LS Ignition provides the control you need to achieve the performance you want. Dial in the perfect tune for your LS using the easily adjustable preset timing curves or hook up to your computer and program a custom setup with our user-friendly MSD View software. New features of the LS Ignition include; high-speed data acquisition, an optional coolant temperature sensor input, idle timing control, as well as individual cylinder timing. These features are in addition to the existing programmable step retard, launch retard, and RPM rev limiters from its predecessor.


  • Fits most LS Engines
  • No PC required for basic functionality
  • Six preprogrammed timing tables for easy set-up
  • Rotary selector switch allows timing changes on the fly
  • Nitrous and boost compatible
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Fully Sealed direct plugin connectors
  • Programmable step retard
  • Launch and max rev limiters
  • Optional coolant temperature sensor input
  • Launch retard
  • Idle timing control
  • Individual cylinder timing
  • Compatible with all MSD, Accel and GM LS coils